Captcha for chat members

How Fullyst's captcha for Telegram chat works and how to pass it without hassle

What is a "captcha" for Telegram and why?

We in Fullyst use the "captcha" term features to check if the user is a human or a bot. So it's not only about the fuzzy text on the image but a bit more complex. Currently, @FullystBot has two types of captcha.


It is the simplest method to solve and you can pass it in one second. All you need to do is click the button "I'm a human!" within 1 minute.

After clicking the bot message will disappear and you can start (or continue chatting).


Math captcha requires some skills: you need to be able to solve a simple math problem like "23-8, 17+2, 5+13". You will have a limited number of attempts, so be careful, because if you reach the limit, you will be banned from the chat and only chat's administrators can unban you.

If you choose an incorrect solution, the math problem will be regenerated and you will see the new problem and new solutions, so you won't be able to go through all five options and bypass the check (but you can use a calculator if you want!)

Q & A

When all chats start using the captcha, will I have to go through it multiple times for each chat?

No, not really. If you confirm that you are human in one chat it will confirm you for all chats across @FullystBot, but ыome chats will be able to include a unique verification option, in such chats you will have to re-verify that you are a person.

Why is the "captcha" needed?

Unfortunately, along with the growth of the Telegram Messenger, more and more spam bots appear, so chats administrators who want to keep chats clean from spam turned on the "captcha" function.

I joined the chat but the captcha message from @FullystBot disappeared and I don't have enough time to confirm myself! What should I do?

Don't worry, just write any message to the chat and the captcha message will be send again. Unfortunately in this case your message will be removed, so you will need to send it again.

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