Description and use the command /ban
Bot's command /ban is able moderators and administrators to ban users for a certain period or forever.
Note. This command supports arguments! Read the next paragraphs for the details

Configuration of the command

  • Press the button "Chat settings" near the selected chat on the "My chats" page
  • Open "Moderation" settings by clicking the corresponding menu item
  • Enable /ban command on the page
Moderation settings

Command usage

This command is available only for moderators and administrators in the chat

Simple usage

Just send /ban as a reply to a message and the user will be banned and the message will be removed.
How to ban user in the chat
Or you may use the /ban command with one argument - the user mention:
How to ban user by mention

Usage with arguments

Command /ban supports two arguments:
  • Length of the ban in minutes, hours, and days
  • "No-delete" mark which prevents to delete of the message from the banned user
Let's ban a user for 1 hour:
How to ban user for 1 hour
Now let's ban the user forever, but keep its message
How to ban user forever but keep message
Also, you may combine both arguments in any order. In the example below, we will ban the user for 5 days and keep its message
How to ban user for five days and keep its messages