/warn & /rm_warn

Increase warn count for the user and reset warn count

Command /warn

Bot's command /warn able moderators and administrators to increase the warning level for a user, when warn count reaches the number you'd set up, the user will be banned.

Note. This command supports arguments! Read the next paragraphs for the details

Configuration of the command

  • Press the button "Chat settings" near the selected chat on the "My chats" page

  • Open "Moderation" settings by clicking the corresponding menu item

  • Enable /warn command on the page

  • Set the number of warnings after which the user will be blocked

Command usage

This command is available only for moderators and administrators in the chat.

Simple usage

Just send /warn as a reply to a message and the author receive a warning.

In the answer, the bot will send a warning message with a current count of warnings

Usage with arguments

Command /warn supports one argument

  • delete - to delete a message from the user

Command /rm_warn

Bot's command /rm_warn reset warn-level for the user.

How to use

This command has a link: /rm_wans. Both commands do the same, so you may use any of these.

Just send /rm_warn or /rm_warns as a reply to the user's message

As a reply to the message user will receive a notification that warnings removed

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