Hey, Fullyst!

“Hey, Fullyst!” is an AI solution for you and your chats.

How it works

“Hey, Fullyst!” based on GPT models from OpenAI, for any paid users and chats, we used the latest (and more expensive) GPT-4, and for free chats, we used GPT-3.5, also a powerful model but not as GPT-4 (and cheaper).

OpenAI has complicated billing based on “tokens,” which means you can’t count expenses without special tools, but we tried to make your usage of AI as simple as possible:

  • For the free plan, you can use 5 AI-answers per month for each of your chats and DMs with @FullystBot.

  • For the “Pro” plan, your limit is 50 AI-answers per month (as mentioned above, it’ll be GPT-4).

  • For the “Enterprise” plan, your limit will be 150 AI-answers per month with GPT-4.

Maybe in this place, you would like to ask: What if I want more or unlimited AI answers? We have a solution: ask about it in our support chat, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible and discuss the details!

Hey, Fullyst! Draw ...


  • Currently, Fullyst doesn’t support dialogs, which means that you may send your question and get the answer, but you can’t answer the bot message, and Fullyst can’t recognize requests like “please, give me more” because it doesn’t know any context.

  • Also, AI is just AI, so you can’t call bot commands and functions with AI requests.

Our plans

We will collect data on how users interact with our AI and then will improve it. Of course, the first thing will be to beat the limitations above :)

And now, it’s time to use “Hey, Fullyst!”

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